Sophisticated & Intuitive Online Home Management

A free and beautiful customized online home profile where you can manage everything for your house and property in one place

More Free Time

Easily manage everything in your home from one place using your customized online profile, so you can stay in control and take back your free time and weekends

Protect Your Investment

Get to know and track everything in your home and understand all of its unique maintenance and repair needs in your easy to use customized home profile

Hire And Manage

Hire vetted and insured local service professionals, schedule appointments, approve estimates and coordinate projects on your customized dashboard

Hire Vetted & Insured Local Service Professionals

How it works

RepairsNeighborhoodGet OrganizedMaintain your home


  • If something breaks, we connect you to vetted, licensed and insured local professionals.
  • We’ll give you advice on the best way to make the repairs, we’ll give them the information they need to make the repairs quickly and efficiently.
  • Schedule repairs on their calendars right from our site!

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  • Our virtual neighborhood helps you find the best professionals for your repairs, maintenance and projects.
  • Discretely share reviews, favorites and messages with your friends and neighbors, whether they live next-door or in the next town!

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Get Organized

  • Your home’s maintenance and repair records, utilities, insurance, tax info and expense reports all in one place.
  • Easy to use search, export and print features.
  • Encrypted and securely cloud stored, available at your fingertips!

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Maintain your home

  • This custom plan provides you with timely advice and prompts to easily take care of your home and property.
  • We do the work, you save time and money!

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Effortless Home Maintenance, Repairs, and Organization Managed in One Place

Experience Peace Of Home

  • A free and customized online home profile
  • Everything in your home, managed in one place
  • Automated maintenance schedule
  • Track all your spending and billing
  • Stay organized and save time
  • Explore new interior design and project ideas
  • The best vetted and insured local professionals

Client Testimonials

Effortless Home Organization, Maintenance & Repairs

Free online homeowner tools and features to help you seamlessly and securely manage your entire home

Receive a customized, proactive maintenance schedule

Seamlessly hire and schedule vetted and insured service professionals

Eliminate phone tag, missed appointments and incessant invoices

Access and hire our curated local best-in-class service professionals

Alert emails to schedule preventative maintenance and seasonal needs

Explore new ideas and original content from leading local design professionals

Access and manage secure, cloud-based records for all of your home-related activities

Utilize online tax management tools to maximize deductions and stay organized

Always Free For Homeowners

It is always free for homeowners to set up a customized online home profile and use
all the Hinged tools and features to manage everything from one place

Put Us To Work For You

We are an Online Home Management Service that allows homeowners to control and manage
everything in their home from one place. The free service and features help a homeowner
stay organized and make informed decisions on the timing of routine maintenance,
as well as select best-in-class service professionals for
home maintenance, repairs, and improvements

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