hinged FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Hinged wants to provide a positive and satisfying experience for its homeowners. In the event that a Hinged homeowner or third party should sustain injury or property damage due to the actions of a Hinged Service Provider working through the Hinged platform, Hinged will provide up to $50,000 of its own funds to reimburse Hinged homeowners for any loss not covered by Hinged Service Provider’s insurance. Hinged verifies that all of our service providers carry up to date general liability insurance covering property damage and bodily injury for a minimum of $1,000,000 individual occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate. Hinged’s guarantee in no way nullifies or contradicts any part of Hinged’s General Terms of Use or Homeowner Agreement.
Hinged works by creating efficiencies in the interface between homeowners and service providers. Our platform markets, schedules, tracks and handles payments for the service providers, we reduce their overhead costs and they pay us a nominal percentage for our services. As with Google, Facebook and others, homeowners get our services for free. We do not sell any of the personal information that we collect.
Yes, if you enter a credit card for hiring service providers you information is encrypted and held by Braintree, a division of PayPal.
Hinged Notes is a handy place to store information on your house, paint colors, door codes, reminders, etc. It is encrypted, secure and not readable by anyone without your password.
Currently, you are the only one allowed to see the “My Ideas” section under the Explore Ideas area of the website.
Designating a service provider as a favorite will move them to the top of the list when doing a category search. If you select the favorites box when looking for a service provider then only favorites will be shown. You can also share your favorites with your Hinged neighbors.
Your calendar is yours and we are only aware of activities that have been scheduled by the Hinged system. We cannot see any activities or notes that you post for yourself.
Please let us know what address you would like to change to by utilizing our “Help” feature.
Your Hinged neighborhood is virtual and can move with you. You can maintain your account and records, but please let us know if you have moved from the home registered in our system by contacting us here.
You can add and remove neighbors whenever you would like.
Currently all of your favorite service providers will be shared once you have become “neighbors” with someone.
No. Similar to other social networking sites, the neighbor will only see that the neighbor request is pending.
Simply log-in to your page and go to the “My Neighborhood” feature. There is a an Invite Neighbor box at the top. Provide your neighbors name, address and e-mail and we’ll send the invite.
We are working diligently to clear as many companies as possible. If there is someone you would like to use that has not achieved Hinged Verified status let us know here and we will try to facilitate the process.
For your peace of mind, Hinged has partnered with Kroll, a world leading investigation company to run security checks on all personnel of Hinged Verified service providers who will be on your premises.
Service professionals are paid directly from the system. In order to operate within the platform they pay for credit card processing and a very modest transaction charge.
Please let us know how to reach them here.
The information acquired during your home survey is encrypted and stored to be accessed only for the maintenance and repair of your home. Select information vital to a particular service professional’s care of your home is shared only after you have scheduled a service visit. All service professionals sign an agreement that includes a clause to protect your privacy, prior to being allowed on our system.
You can simply press on the field and directly input the information here. We will then show you averages across your area. We regularly review the data for outliers to ensure a level of quality for our information.
In order to add your utility history, we will need specific account information from you for each utility that you would like us to add. You can request that we complete this action by sending us an email here.
You can easily change your house picture in your custom home profile by clicking on the photo icon on the top right.
If you notify us here within 4 days of the service being completed, our conflict resolution team will assess the situation and offer a full or partial refund depending on the problem and the situation. After 4 days, the payment is finalized and there can be no refunds, however we will continue to work with you and the service provider to find an amicable solution to any problems.
You can use our mobile ready version of Hinged just as easily from your phone as you would a desktop.
You are able to receive text message reminders about your upcoming notifications.
At this time, Hinged only supports (1) primary property or (1) rental property. However, we have heard your feedback and are working diligently to incorporate the capability to handle additional properties with one account into our next version. In the meantime we are happy to set up multiple accounts to serve additional properties.
Please notify us here of your plans. We can move your account with you so that you can maintain access to your records and if you’re within our service area you will be able to utilize our system at your new home.
If your home and your service area are within our territory, we can make it happen. Contact us here. We will still need to review your business and ensure that your company fits within our platform.
Please let us know what address you would like to change to by utilizing our “Help” feature.
If you have a question about the work that a Hinged service professional completed, then please reach out to the service professional directly. Their contact information is displayed on your Hinged web page as well as included in the confirmation e-mail you received when the appointment was scheduled. If you are unable to resolve an issue directly with them, then please contact us here and we will work with you and the service professional to come to an acceptable resolution.
Hinged is always free.